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Project Description

Woodfall Breedon House

It was nothing less than a mid-century tragedy when earlier this year the gorgeous ‘Breedon House’ in Brighton by Geoffrey Woodfall was sold and soon-after demolished. Way back in 2009 we had the pleasure of visiting the house and filming a conversation with Geoffrey (who sadly died in 2016). This film features a small part of a much longer chat with Geoffrey, some original footage and stills we took plus some B&W archival photos he gave us on the day. Only a few weeks after this visit we were on the hunt for a new rental and inspected a house in North Caulfield. As we walked around it became apparent that the materials and the design looked remarkably like the ‘Breedon House’ and we called Geoffrey who promptly confirmed that yes, this was another Woodfall design dating back to 1969. Our application was accepted and we can proudly say we lived in a Woodfall for two years. A super spacious adventure playground of a house with courtyards everywhere you looked. A lot of fun for us and our 4 year old son at the time! RIP Geoff and that gorgeous house in Brighton…